No Regrets Today

18 Apr

When what is what is what it is

then what?

No regrets today

When where is anywhere

Why not?

Take a dare

No regrets today

When I jump on that turbojet

circling the tarmac of my mind

You’ll read about it and say

No regrets today

When the when is out of play

and the compass spins crazily

in need of some direction

any direction will do

When your arms stretch out to the horizon

When the when is whenever

All bets are off

No regrets today

Care to join me in the Captain’s quarters?

The sun is out, a bit windy

When you smile that way

It’s a perfect day

for the trip of a lifetime

No regrets today


17 Apr

Why am I angry?

I ask myself

Why is everything so personal

gritty, and sharp like tiny pieces of glass

buried beneath my skin?

Why can’t people see I am just like them?

Searching for just the right combination

to open the safe which holds the gem

Angry when the numbers don’t add up

circumstances don’t cooperate with our plans

Curses! Foiled again!

Angry because I didn’t ask

to come into this world

or did I?

I can’t remember a damn thing

Angry because the familiar is becoming dim

and the world becomes strange

and myself unwelcome

Angry because what was given

will be taken away

not a thing I can do about it

Curses! Foiled again!

Bruised and swollen, engorged, tumescent,

ready to burst

Here I am! In your face!

I’m all over the place

Exhausted, spent, and angry

Is this all there is?

Angry that I am angry

disturbing my Zen

interrupting my Nirvana

like a fly in my soup

or a bug up my ass



Time isn’t real

16 Apr

Time isn’t real

I heard the Go-Go’s sing

as I gazed at a row of identical trees

their branches swaying in the wind

what they had actually sung

in the Reel World was

“Our Lips Are Sealed”

We must not speak of this to anyone

A horrible tragedy about to unfold

I don’t want to be a witness to history

“and I ran, I ran so far away

I couldn’t get away!”

like a flock of seagulls I could only

circle back upon the horrid scene

again and again and again

Time isn’t real

It is reel

We are frozen in frames

each gesture is fixed in black in white

no motion just the illusion

of life as the frames move past

too fast for us to see the

horror of what is taking place

in the basement of the elementary school

I run into the sunlight

I escape into the shopping malls

exhibiting glass sculptures in odd shapes

Time isn’t real

Our lips are sealed

I ran


Will ya’ check in on me?

15 Apr

I guess even I

need some lovin’ now and then

if it isn’t too much

i don’t ask to overturn your world

become a pest or a burden to you


will ya’ check in on me?

from time to time throughout

your crazy day

see if I’m still kicking

and maybe we could

find a nice place to

rediscover each other once again

cause’ I think I need more

than I pretend

Will ya’ check in on me?

time and again?

who needs a day off?

14 Apr

got up so late it’s almost tomorrow

and i got so much to do

i stretch and yawn

and don’t care about a thing

who needs a day off?

when i can have a day on?

where all is planned out

and i have no time to look at myself

a bleached out whale with spindly legs

puzzled at the passage of so much time

passing in an instant

who needs a day off?

the silence is deafening

the day too bright

i see too damn much

i prefer a day on


upon the narrow gauge track i travel

mountain to the left

gorge to the right

so much to do

not enough time

who needs a day off?


13 Apr


doesn’t that just depend

upon your perspective?

if i watch

as you

take off



from underneath

the bed

holding my breath?


some would say it

was only your shoes

others would say

what i saw doesn’t matter

only that i saw at all

is wrong?

what if i told you

it was my bed

i was under

and you had shamelessly


discarding your shoes

with gay abandon?



maybe not

did i hide beneath the bed

(whose bed has yet to be established)

because i was scared

or because i was hot

or maybe i just like the smell

down there


what is a discarded shoe?

among friends?

where is he anyway?

i think i hear him breathing


that’s just




Iggly-Sqwiggly, Boopy Boop Doop

12 Apr

You had better watch out!

because if you aren’t careful

you’ll let the dogs out.

and if the wind is right

and the moon is full

I will find my way


into your secret place

and you will never coax me back out

I’ll lie down on your bed

and eat all your cookies

read all your books

and Boopy Boop Doop

there I is

making myself right at home

in your heart


leaning too far in

11 Apr

what is this hidden agenda I have

unspoken plans?

which robs me of my own good sense?

i lose my attention to deetail

leaning too far in

to the carnal

something that thrills

something that tickles my fancy

just out of my eager reach

maybe just around the next bend?

leaning too far in

letting things slide

to the opposite end

i climb out upon the edge of the world

where the waves crash giddy

where the waves crash nasty

something quite personal

pierces my skin

and i can smell my desire

i look down and

losing my glasses

i can see that i have lost my senses

leaning too far in

or am i too far out?

hands in my pockets

checking for compass

any compass will do

any direction will suffice

leaning too far in

why can’t i listen to my own advice?

Can you hear the ping

10 Apr


Can you hear the ping?

Deep down beneath the garbage

we have left…….thinking

it had disappeared

I am still here, my memory

cannot be erased by good intentions

only by acceptance of past mistakes

we live in a world without innocence

or grace

Life is expensive to keep

and cheap to lose

Can you hear the ping

down beneath the churning filthy waters

of our collective guilt?


A conversation with Brahma

9 Apr

“We all wear masks, you know, all the time, like

when we are with our parents or if we are at church

or if we want to impress a girl we put on a mask.”

said the kid with the baseball cap on backwards

and the pants that hung well below his waist

“But what about you? the real you? don’t you think

it would be nice to just be you for a change?” asked

the disheveled man in old man clothes, ignoring

the chess move the boy had just made.

“The real me? Nobody gets to see that.

I learned that lesson so long ago that

I don’t have a real me left.” and he laughed

by himself

The man looked sad and pondered for a moment

“Ain’t you gonna move?” the kid said

Why don’t we ask Brahma his opinion on the matter

the man said finally

“Brasha who?” the boy said

“Brahma, the supreme identity, what is left when

all masks are removed.” the man said as if he were a professor

“Well, where is this dude?” the boy said

The man laughed. “Well, he was sitting right over there on that bench,

but now it looks like he has climbed this tree, or maybe

he just got on that bus, maybe he is under your cap, boy, or

in your shoe.”

“He moves so fast, even though

he has nowhere to go.”

The boy smiled, and removed his shoe with a twinkle in his eye

“No Brackma here”, he said

“Oh, he’s there all right!” the man said

“What do you say, Brahma? about this whole affair,

I know you musta been listening”


“huh? I thought so.

same answer every time.”


The boy started to say something clever

but all he could say was




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