I can hear voices

25 Nov

I can hear voices

some distant, some near

speaking from the spirit box

telling me to stay awake

or were they telling me

to stay away?

I can hear voices

from within the walls

which hold the memories

of loves captured and released

only to have this love become twisted

into the fibers of the wood

I can voices shouting out

deep within the static of a disordered existence

let me out!!

oh why have you abandoned me

to this?

So many voices

groveling in the dirt of what little remains

of their history

short, sharp bursts of electricity

forming words

an agonizing vortex seeking warmth

so cold so cold so cold

say the voices

did you hear what they said?

did you feel the touch?

did they knock upon your walls?

did they slam your doors?





a big fat googly eyed zen monster

24 Nov

have you ever been assaulted by

a big fat googly eyed zen monster?

assault is such an ugly word

let’s just say toyed with, played with

by some crazy from out of nowhere


that just scrambles up your eggs

and turns your brain inside out

it just pops out, hops out, jumps out

it might just be a sentence here or there

in a newspaper, on a tee shirt, or just

some random words from some random person

at a random moment on a random day

reminding you that it isn’t ever random

and it isn’t exactly planned

but something is happening from outside

of this reality’s fence

the big fat googly eyed zen monster

just wants to let you know that

none of this is serious

and yet it is

but maybe not in the way we think

or the way we feel or move

but only in the way we laugh

at the oddest little things

knowing that the big fat googly eyed


may be us


23 Nov

Outside the bunkers

with their reinforced concrete

and submachine gun nests

Outside the skeletal towers

where the sniper waits

Outside the padlocked gates

the voiceless huddle in their hovels

and the angriest ones make plans

to blow up the wretched ruins again

until ruins are made of ruins

and the dead are deader still

Outside the manicured lawns

where the neglected statues of

past heroes fade into pigeon droppings

Outside the casinos

Outside the Starbucks

Outside the park with the foodie trucks

Lies a living garbage

tossed out thoughtlessly

for the sake of a humongous profit

They may not be meek

but they will inherit nevertheless

all of the Earth which lies outside

While the lies inside

do their nasty work and

the outside becomes the inside

and the high becomes the low

and the bombs fall upon the

rich and the poor

the educated and the ignorant



If I were a poet

22 Nov

If I were a plumber

I’d work on your pipes

every single day

till the water flowed pure and warm

I’d put a permanent grin

on your pretty little face

If I were a pilot

I’d lift you above the rainbow

every single day

till the air grows thin and the stars come out

I’d give your beautiful eyes

something to gaze upon

If I were a carpenter

I’d  write a song about it

every single day

till you can’t get the tune out of your head

I’d have you open your sweet little mouth

and sing my silly little carpenter song

If I were a poet

I’d inspire you to reach beyond your grasp

every single day

till you discover there is no end to who and what

you are

I’d have you open up your heart

and let this man of many talents in



21 Nov


In a city I don’t recognize

trying to speak to people who

donta speaka my language

I can’t remember where I live

I can’t recall the name of the city

where I live

I have no idea how to get there

I was only trying to help someone

who was even more lost than myself

he didn’t know who he was

and he kept wandering off

muttering to himself

Everyone I talked to about this man

didn’t want to be bothered about him

or me

At least I knew who I was

and that I was lost

and that this was a terribly upsetting


I awoke to a high pitched twinkling sound

like listening to a million broadcasts

from some other galaxie

and my cat was throwing up his dinner

there is so much going on all the time

where am I?

how do I get back home?

Hey Bud! What’s the Hubbub?

20 Nov

Two thousand crows perched upon the roof

Caw! Caw!………Caw! Caw!

The skies were grey and filled with a fine mist

which made my bones ache

Portents and prophecies all being stirred

Hey Bud! What’s the hubbub?

I gotta get a picture of this and

post it on Instagram

Is this the end of the world?

Are we going to Hell in a handbasket?

or is this just an outtake from a film

that’s goin’ straight to a cut-rate DVD

with no special features, just me

wavin’ my arms and callin’ out

Hey Bud! What’s the hubbub?

When I turn on the hot water

nothing comes out but a few short bursts

of desperate air

the way the things are going round here

it’s gonna be cold sponge baths from now on

After a few frantic conversations the crows moved on

leaving a couple behind just to make sure

This too will pass

Just a few weird moments on a grey day

They will probably edit it all out

But it was quite the hubbub

without a doubt

Good Evening Ladies and Germs

19 Nov

Good evening ladies and germs

I had hoped there might be a way

you could both get along

but nobody likes germs

no even the kind that help fight

off other those other germs

the ones that were not invited

actually they managed to sneak in

with a phony i.d.

ladies want to be ladies

clean and pristine

and so all the ladies are in a group

glaring at the germs

asking who invited these bugs

to this civilized world?

but the germs were here

before we were

in fact

germs have had a lot to do

with how life came about

on this desolate sphere

but no matter how logical I am

I still get the ladies and germs

to dance

the ladies are indignant

and the germs feel dirty and unwanted

and wish they could stay invisible



burning that candle

18 Nov

a part of me feels impossible

and yet it is

burning that candle

at both ends

it seems i’ve got one foot in the heavens

and one foot in the grave

i would ask for something

if i thought it might save

me the trouble of

doing it all myself

but a part of me feels impregnable

and my imagination gives me power

that my body cannot give

burning that candle

from both ends

burning that candle

in spite of the craziness of it all

i still have faith in that flame

it will carry me through

it will show me what and who

i truly am

if only i can hold out a little bit longer

while there is still candle to burn

and when there is nothing left

i will soar into the unimaginable

and make it real




17 Nov

Kerplunk! Kerplooie!

The cat’s done out of the bag!

Nobody saw it coming

Yoink! Plink! Zowie!

across the yard and over the fence

haven’t seen hide nor hair since

and everybody just acts like

nothing ever happened

What cat? What bag?

you must be insane to talk of such things

and you had so much potential

it’s just sad

Kerplunk! Gadzooks!

strange new breeds of feline are appearing

just outside Berlin

there’s no use pretending that

these things never happen

They do! Whoopti Doo!

Out of the bag and free at last!

All those things we had safely hid

running round the universe

with so much potential!


The Drama Queen

16 Nov

We offer our allegiance to the Drama Queen

what stories do we have to tell?

what secret sins to distract her from

the sadness in her heart?

how flawed we are, such a wretched disappointment

we are reminded of this so we will fail to see

her own weakness

her own secret nakedness

in spite of all the pomp and publicity

the Drama Queen is old

and her sight and hearing aren’t enough

to appreciate all that has changed

and so our stories must become even more lurid

our sins unforgivable

our incarceration without limits

what has my world come to she laments

where is my Kingdom?

where is my Prince?

what excuse can make up for all of this?

what story can restore her innocence?



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