Walkie Talkie Jesus

31 Jul

Don’t want no walkie talkie Jesus

Hello are you there? Can you hear me now?

I want to be able to hold his hand

I want to be able to look into his eyes

Don’t want to strain to hear his voice

from out of a tin can attached to a rope

Don’t want no bobble-headed Buddha

smiling and bobbing his head back and forth

until finally it reaches an absolute stillness

and then I poke his head again

I want to be able to hold his hand

I want to be able to look into his eyes

Don’t want to see his head too huge for his body

bobbing back and forth attached by a spring

Don’t want no Krispy Kreme Krishna

colorful and sparkling like a comic superhero

defeating whole worlds in a single blow

Blam! Zap! Pow!

I want to be able to hold his hand

I want to be able to look into his eyes

Don’t want to have to use a joystick

to pierce his disguise

Don’t want no murderous Mohammed

with his horrible words and vengeful sword

because this is not Mohammed

this is a dirty rotten lie

but if you have to courage to say it

for that you might die

i want to be able to hold his hand

I want to be able to look into his eyes

Don’t want to kill anybody in his name

Don’t want to be forced at gunpoint

to say grace




There’s a lot more to it

31 Jul

Whenever I hear some people talking

It stirs up my mind and then I start talking

both of us are talking and no one really knows

what they actually talking about

just defending and  offending

failing to see that all around

there is more going on than we can ever get our heads around

most of what is happening can’t be put into words

most of what is happening is shrouded in darkness

not because of a lack of light

but because we lack the means to see

We live upon a tiny little ball circling a slightly larger ball

within a somewhat larger whirligig

for all we know all of this was tossed out of a bag

by a young child on a lazy summer afternoon

That is as good a cosmology as any other

given that what we don’t know far exceeds what we do

There’s a lot more to it

More than we can ever hope to know

and that is the joy of it

and the horror of it

depending upon your perspective

and whether you view this whole thing

as a game invented by a playful child

or a solemn duty imposed by a jealous god

but I don’t know anything really

I just write what I write

and see how that goes

Living in the Cliff House again

30 Jul

So here I am again lying on the couch

watching the rent check bounce

call it just plain laziness

call it a sin

but I’m living in the Cliff House again

just hanging with my negligent friends

waiting for our strength to give way

strange though

how something always happens at the very last minute

to save the day

it’s as if we have a guardian angel

with a flair for the dramatic

and a sick sense of humor

so I hope this angel isn’t as late as my rent

I could use her help

but in the meantime

the view out here on the cliff

is magnificent

n no nop nopo nopoe nopoem nopoemtoday

29 Jul

c ca can’ can’t s se see seem

t to ge get i it a al all o ou out

t th thi this m mo mor morn morni mornin morning

n no nop nopo nopoe nopoem nopoemtoday





th e lett ers tha t mak e up e ach wo rd

dooooo whatever theyyy liiike

if I concentrate really hard like this

it can all make sense

but th in i l oosen my c con concen tra tio tion


n no nop nopo nopoe nopoem nopoemtoday

may B 2marro

whoooo kinsay?


Some things never change

28 Jul

Bats in the belfry

Rats in my bed

Cute and brightly colored

but still…

Some things never change

like dropping quarters into the washing machine

same ole thing year after year

it’s my day off and I can do what I please

walking aimless simple and feeling the breeze

Some things never change

they just grow brittle with age

shattering under too much pressure

so I  don’t judge too much

and try to keep the friends I have

because some things never change

but sometimes

they do

In my Dreams

27 Jul

In my dreams if I lift

up my legs really high

and hold on to my knees

with my hands

I can rise up high into the sky

and swoop down low

an acrobatic show

In my dreams I can really fly!

In my dreams there is a celebration in the sun

and the places I go are spectacular

I have so many friends and even my mother is there

she tells me about my wife

left alone, left behind

to clean my beautiful red carpeted house

my wife is beautiful and she is not happy

my mother and my friends all say

I have to talk to her

and I dread her and I alone in this place

too much red, not enough grace

In my dreams I live a whole other life

in my dreams I have a wife

Out back in the boneyard

26 Jul

If you’re looking for me

I’m out back in the boneyard

where the nameless dead

play pinocle and tell stories

of short simple lives filled with dread

but there is no more dread once you’re dead

and they are grateful for that at least

Out back in the boneyard

no lies are told

it is what it was, and will remain

stark white naked bones

the sentences are short when

spoken by the dead

If only I’d had more time says one

I had the life I’d wanted

a loving wife and a great bunch of kids

if it goes on forever it loses it’s flavour

better to die and be done with it

I can’t stay back there in the boneyard very long

or I forget why I came

and feel a bit dead myself

out back in the boneyard

Tickle my Fancy

26 Jul

I want the world to be more

than what I see and hear and smell

each day of the week

I need a keener instrument

some kind of enhancement

something to

Tickle my Fancy

Get my juices flowing again

Excite my imagination

because I realized when I was very young

that all things are real

especially those things I cannot actually touch

or see

or hear

The world is elastic and can be molded to fit

my dreams

but I am not a young boy anymore

and so I need some kind of aid

a prescription of some sort

or maybe I just need to get laid

So I ask you to give me your craziest thoughts

Tickle my fancy

and set me off on another journey

to those places that cannot exist

until we find them

Tribute to a Pervert

25 Jul

Look at the horny one

always putting the wrong foot forward

saying the things we wish we could

except it would be too embarrassing

and look at how he yearns

to get up close and lets his tongue

caress the private parts of life

he doesn’t want to miss a thing

he savors every flavor, smell and sensation

Look at the silly one, all worked up

erect and awkward

having lost all sense of shame

always stinking his nose where it doesn’t belong

always putting his foot in his mouth

and his thumb up his

doing the things we secretly keep stashed

beneath our underwear

Land Ho!!

25 Jul

Ahoy! young lovers and sailors of yore!

The bottle nose Dauphin awaits you on shore

Land Ho!!

I’m your Captain and my orders are to

shimmie if you’re skinny, loop de loop

polish up your pennies and poop the chute

the beaches stretch on endlessly

and we can polly wolly doodle all day!!

Ahoy! sweet mothers and sea urchins of yore!

King Crab guides us backwards towards this shore

Land Ho!!

I’m your Captain and my orders are to

stick your thumb into this pie, and blow your silly horn

the breeze blows crazy, and the doozy will make you woozy

if you do too much of that

polly wolly doodle all day

Ahoy! pretty pipers and golden cocks

this is all I have to report

until we reach that warm and glistening port

so pump up your polly wolly

and prepare to doodle, sailor

Land Ho!!



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