Tribute to a Pervert

25 Jul

Look at the horny one

always putting the wrong foot forward

saying the things we wish we could

except it would be too embarrassing

and look at how he yearns

to get up close and lets his tongue

caress the private parts of life

he doesn’t want to miss a thing

he savors every flavor, smell and sensation

Look at the silly one, all worked up

erect and awkward

having lost all sense of shame

always stinking his nose where it doesn’t belong

always putting his foot in his mouth

and his thumb up his

doing the things we secretly keep stashed

beneath our underwear

Land Ho!!

25 Jul

Ahoy! young lovers and sailors of yore!

The bottle nose Dauphin awaits you on shore

Land Ho!!

I’m your Captain and my orders are to

shimmie if you’re skinny, loop de loop

polish up your pennies and poop the chute

the beaches stretch on endlessly

and we can polly wolly doodle all day!!

Ahoy! sweet mothers and sea urchins of yore!

King Crab guides us backwards towards this shore

Land Ho!!

I’m your Captain and my orders are to

stick your thumb into this pie, and blow your silly horn

the breeze blows crazy, and the doozy will make you woozy

if you do too much of that

polly wolly doodle all day

Ahoy! pretty pipers and golden cocks

this is all I have to report

until we reach that warm and glistening port

so pump up your polly wolly

and prepare to doodle, sailor

Land Ho!!


the female mystique

24 Jul

I am still often surprised

even at my age

at what I discover

at the heart of a woman

if, in fact

I have discovered anything

more than what

she chooses to reveal

sometimes she seems smarter

more level headed

more fair minded

than the men in all their self-important

bluster and bluff

but then something happens

and she either withdraws into her

deep subterranean cavern

to brood in total darkness

where no man can enter


she grows fangs and claws like razors

cat’s eyes and bat wings

and insists nothing is wrong

nothing has changed

but a man can tell that if he speaks

or worse

if he touches

his head will be ripped from his body

and mounted as a trophy

in the hall of

the female mystique

Oh Boy!

23 Jul

Oh Boy!

I got ants in my pants

and I can’t stay still

will I climb inside your window


can’t say I won’t

can’t say I will

I’ve got plenty of money

and some time to kill

I’m going to hug the Moon

and dance with the Sun

until I can’t do it anymore

and I’ve had my fill

and lie still

listening  to the birds


Oh Boy!

a whole day of pecking!

and I can’t wait to get started!

If you want to

23 Jul

If you want to write a poem

you’ve got to have words

and words have to have letters

and those letters have to have a shape

and that shape has to have a meaning

if you want to

there is no limit

given the right resources

and the right tools

and time

If you want to climb a mountain

you’ve got to have shoes

not just any shoes

shoes designed in a particular way

If you want get rich

you’ve got to have an idea

and be able to describe that idea

in such a way

that people will want to give you money

a lot of money

so that idea can become a reality

If you want to

you can

all it takes is







Am I Big Enough?

22 Jul

Am I Big enough

to be Wrong?

Am I Big enough

to give it all up

and start again?

Am I Big enough

to receive your Love?

Am I Big enough

to Surrender?

Am I Big enough

to not know

to be like a baby


Am I Big enough

to embrace my shortcomings

and see them as comings

neither short nor long?

I don’t know

my tiny self says

while my Bigger Self

has more important things to do

This is not the way I planned it

22 Jul

I am so busy these days

doing things I really don’t like

can’t get behind

just keep on down the same ole path

for fear of the darkness to right and left

I try my best, but

this is not the way I planned it

when I began

all of my life seems to be out of my reach

as if I were condemned to life this other guy’s life

this guy, which I see each morning in the mirror

and I hate this guy

I am not this guy

This is not the way I planned it

but you tell me I am wrong and must accept it

I stand corrected and I can’t stand it

I guess all my life has been a lie

for the guy I despise is me


so I may as well learn to live this life

and invite this guy in

try to make friends

and forget about all those plans and dreams

they were empty anyway

thoughts upon a drizzly day

21 Jul

in the wind the tiny drops of rain

feel like tiny blades piercing my skin

waking me up to the reality of this world

so different from the dusty, shadowed stage

of my inner most thoughts

i’ve seen all those plays anyway

the usual tear jerkers

the one’s where the audience always says

‘you know he didn’t deserve that, he was right all along’

but a drizzly day does not permit one false note played

within it’s simple symphony of rain

it is refreshing to find that all of that pain

so real in the night

dissolves in the drizzle of this day

crisp and clear

i love the way reality feels when

i am open to it’s wet embrace



a few random events

20 Jul

perfection works out better upon a flat surface

if you have to step up and lean back

results may take on an irregular character

a few random events can make you feel great

sticky fingers can leave evidence

anticipation can produce a sweaty brow

you might need to stop and take a deep breath now and then

a few random events eventually peels the paint

park your car in a deliberate manner

designed to align the noun to the verb

the tree to the bird, and the wheel to the curb

and upon a sufficient incline

you may lose track of your true intentions

and disappear

just a few random events

an uncertain series of circumstances

collapses in upon itself

leading to a forgetfulness of self

and a pleasant feeling in the belly

why not sit for a while in the shade

and allow the permutations to collide

a few random events can change your life

a certain series of numbers

can get you out of the house

lol not much

20 Jul

How’s it going? Are you doing alright?

Just chicken in

haven’t hurt from u in a while

What have I been up 2?

about 5 foot 6 I’d guess

lol not much

just wurkin you know

it’s been kinda slow

Did ya’ ever do that thing you were talking about?

How did that wurk out?

lol not much

I guess maybe after you’ve saved up

yup me too

never seems to be enough $$$

lol not much

sure nuff

I gotta go to wurk now so

take care of yrself

text ya later

u can text me 2

lol not much


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