the sun is shining brightly (so I don’t care)

1 Sep

I’ve cornered the market in corniness

so don’t blame me if you bust a gut

cause everybody agrees

that I’m full of beans


the sun is shining brightly (so I don’t care)

I can walk beside the sidewalk

and gobble my gum

with my belly button showing

and never make my bed

I’ve bought up all the shares in silliness

so don’t blame me if the river flows

or if you show up for your appointment

without your clothes

cause everybody knows

they posted it on twitter

even though I am obviously chock full of nuts

they admire my spirit

they say I have a lot of guts


The sun is shining brightly (so I don’t care)

What people say goes in one of my ears

and disappears somewhere

among the grasshoppers in the field

on a hot September 1st birthday

I can feel your thoughts all itchy

beneath my shirt

if I scratch them maybe

I’ll know why you keep tagging along

as I wander from noodles to nonsense


the sun is shining brightly (so I don’t care)


My 61st birthday

1 Sep

I celebrated my 61st birthday by

sleeping till almost noon

I had been running down the field for a while and so

I guess once I reaching the 61st yard line

I could just lie for a while on the astroturf

but that’s ok, that’s alright, I’m feelin’ pretty good

like I’ve been 25 all my life

Yep! I’ve taken a swing at that ball now for

sixty-one times and

sometimes I’ve knocked it out of the park

other times I missed and missed

sometimes I was out

let’s see how much more I can stretch

out my life

just like I’ve stretched out this

sports metaphor

still in the game

still out on the field

feeling the wind

and the hot sun in my face

many more swings to come

many more times to knock that ball

clean out of the park!


She was born in Bulgaria

31 Aug

She was born in Bulgaria

she said

she was tall and had the blackest hair

and eyes, and her soul

spoke slowly and deliberately

She was born in Bulgaria

but she lived in Seattle

where outside her apartment

is a pool with the big fish

gold fish and we feed them


so that the crows don’t see

that we have the fish


they are very smart, very smart

they see everything

there was a man with a mask

but the crow they remember the man

they make a noise when he come around

the crows are very smart

our cat is yellow with the green eyes

she picks up a shirt that I sell

and says “I like. There are many pretty designs.”

I think I may be in love

but alas she is married

and in Seattle


She was born in Bulgaria

Let’s go Hog Wild!

31 Aug

Can you feel this urge to

jump the fence?

and put your snout to the ground

root around, roll around,

let’s have a party!

and bury our faces into the

smelliest, juiciest, tastiest, nastiest

places which swine like us

like to go

Let’s go Hog Wild!

and tear up the town!

paint it bright red!

let the sights and the sounds

the smells, and the touch of our

funkiness fill the air!

This is who we are

hairy, sweaty, roly-poly pigs

looking for some delicious mud

take off your panties and hang them

from your nose

then run and jump

and squeal and grunt!

Let’s go Hog Wild!

these days are made

for pigs like us!




30 Aug

There is something to be said for crazy

but I’m not going to say it

what do you think I am?


if I were, would I have the courage to tell you all about it or

would I even know?

Crazy is as crazy does I guess

Sometimes the pressures mount up

and Boom!! in spite of

all our best efforts at toeing the line

are for naught

We’re cracking up

our walls are falling

our ceiling has become our floor

Crazy standing in our underwear

wondering why we didn’t prepare

After all, even the insane need water

and a toilet

I’m sure there is more for me to write

but my craziness is calling for me to

come out in the yard

I will show you my butt if you come out and play

my six year old girlfriend would scream

anything to get me to go crazy with her

while our parents back is turned

Dog Days of Summer

30 Aug

It is now the dog days of summer

what this means I am not exactly sure

and I’m far too lazy to Google it

but I think it is a time when

when we spend our days chasing

after our own tales

intent upon defeating this enemy so

alarmingly near to us

only to discover the enemy is us

these are the lazy days

the final days of vacation

for going crazy naked in the desert

and release our inhibitions into the wind

in the darkness of these dog nights I see

The Burning Man

why are the people cheering?

because this is letting go of care

a time of no answers

only a surrender to the question

our master is going back to school

and our labors will begin anew

as the moon rises over a restless sea

the dogs gather upon the beach

and howl


Just take a look at my junk

29 Aug

Just take a look at my junk

useless one moment

limp and shriveled

lying in dark neglected places

where I left them long ago

but once the plug is in the socket

and the switch is flipped

the knob is turned

Just take a look at my junk, then

transforming into a warm, soft treasure

reaching out into a cold world

to give it pleasure

many people just don’t want to know

the truth about my junk

the best parts of our lives are often hidden

neglected, tossed in the bin

we disparage ourselves

when we equate something so magnificent

with dirt and filth

So just take a look at my junk

and know the truth


just a matter of scale…

29 Aug

but what if we were a part of something so big…

we can’t possibly see it properly

or so small?

does it really matter at all?

just a matter of scale…

position, and perspective

just look in the mirror and ask

am i an experiment gone wrong?

i haven’t enough hair to protect myself

and so i must weave clothing to cover

a naked self for which i am embarrassed

because it was all a dreadful mistake

a crime against nature

a crossing of boundaries

an insurgency, rebellion


an eating of an apple

before reading the warning label


we are of the earth and yet


we are somehow other


it’s actually just a matter of scale

what seems so vast and endless to us

billions upon billions upon billions

tripping off of Carl Sagan’s tongue


our universe may be quite small

and our creation a single, simple being

not a god at all

who had an idea for a game

and in one quick burst

out it came

now lying discarded perhaps

slowly playing itself out

without a player

just a matter of scale…

worry if you must or

leave your worries behind

just a matter of scale…

it’s a matter of whatever…

Back in the groove again

28 Aug

Showing my age by saying I’m

Back in the groove again

ready for a brand new day

grooves are tangible things

you can feel them

and with the proper stylus and amplification

they can make lovely sounds

unlike the digital stop and start

now you see us, now you don’t

which is why when you listen to digital music

and can sense that lack of a groove

We no longer live in a groovy time

everything is chopped up into tiny bits

and viewed on a tiny screen

no longer is our world far out

you can download it but you can’t dig it

our world is far too close for comfort these days

but without any feel for the warmth of the skin

the smell of the hair

our selves have become selfies

but if there is a groove to be found I will find it

today is a new day and

I am the same inside as I was when the world was

groovy, far out,  funkadelic, psychedelic, and fine

Back in the groove again

Taking the day off…

27 Aug

Sometimes it is better to put obligations aside

when the body is battered and worn

but I am a person who finds it hard to slow down

unless knocked down

Taking the day off…

is not in my nature

but today I will

because kindness is the order of the day

a day of no place to go, no chores upon which to attend

just a day of letting my body get back

into the customary routine

slowly with compassion for the frail vessel

it can be at times like these

although I can recall what the intern said

right after my procedure was over

‘you have got a strong heart!’ he exclaimed

still, strong heart or no

Taking the day off

is a pretty good plan


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