As the cherry blossoms reach out

22 Apr

Chilly wind

warmth of Sun

walking briskly

head held high

As the cherry blossoms reach out

to touch my hand and tell me

“it’s all right, more than that

it’s just as it should be

just the way you imagined me

to be”

I guess there are more things

than in my philosophy

someone once said

I stand on the corner

and read about a stowaway boy

surviving a trip inside the wheel well

all the way to Hawaii

As the cherry blossoms

those cheery blossoms

repeat the words

“it’s all right”

“no need for desperate journeys

to paradise”

it’s all right here, in the wind

and the sun, and the bees

in the blossoms, and I will

carry you in my arms

into eternity”

I returned home

to the familiar

As the cherry blossoms speak again

to another soldier

head held high

making his way upon

seemingly unforgiving pavement

“it’s all right, it’s more than all right

it’s just the way we planned it

the way it has to be.”

Dirty Thoughts

21 Apr

I have a dirty mouth

I have dirty eyes

and dirty skin

dirt in my sinuses

dirty clothes

I have a dirty home

with a dirty cat

I eat dirty food

with a dirty spoon

I drink dirty coffee

from a dirty mug

So much dirt

It feels today as if

an enormous dirty dominatrix

squats over this city

demanding I

accept her waste

and yet…

and yet…

I still wash my face

I still wash my clothes

I still avoid picking my nose in public

one clean shirt

one clean thought

can lead to another

although I sometimes have little choice

but to lie beneath the buttocks

of Mother Nature

I wipe away the muck and the mire

and clean

just a little

and clean

a little more

and clean


Searching for eggs

20 Apr

I’m searching for eggs

all brightly colored

with ancient markings

upon their shells

gleefully hidden by the children

of each generation


don’t tell!

I know that if I should discover

such an egg

my heart would grow lighter

as I recall that

which education and employment had

pushed far back into my memory

life is play

life is joy

life is renewal


on this Easter day

We step out of our tomb

shielding our eyes from the

bright sunshine

our body restored

our wounds healed

with each egg we recover

more of

how this felt

how this feels


Into the Deep Dark

20 Apr


like now

I feel like not taking the easy path

because the truth is rarely there

Into the deep dark I venture

knowing I might not make it back


But I am fed up with the safe life

the not life

a life of getting what I can get

and settling

emasculated by poverty and self doubt

all my super powers robbed by

an invisible brick of red hot hate

Into the deep dark

Into the terrifying thrill

of finding myself at last

such a hideous mask I wear

When I am ready to destroy

my carefully constructed world

and yet I am filled with joy and wonder

at the horror show

of my own power



shining shameless

upon this strange stage

I give my best performance

as I guide the audience

into the deep dark

of the secret treasure

the stab of the holy

the deafening blast of the true


like now

I invite the invisible

to scare me

into a life

worth living

Into the deep deep



A Sacred Silence

19 Apr

Past all the noiseless noise

which is ceaseless

increasing with every fearful thought

lies a sacred silence

a presence without opinion

witnessing the truth

as all the useless words are lost

in the torrent of the deaf, dumb, and blind

a sacred silence

just a fraction of a moment

before the big bang occurs

all was pure, without charactistic

if I pay close attention

in the midst of the meaningless turmoil

I can find myself there

but I cannot write of this

for a sacred silence

envelopes my ability to speak

only a gesture

I am here

baring witness

keeping a perfect record

for further research

for the next bang

and the next

hard to tell but

I believe I am smiling

No Regrets Today

18 Apr

When what is what is what it is

then what?

No regrets today

When where is anywhere

Why not?

Take a dare

No regrets today

When I jump on that turbojet

circling the tarmac of my mind

You’ll read about it and say

No regrets today

When the when is out of play

and the compass spins crazily

in need of some direction

any direction will do

When your arms stretch out to the horizon

When the when is whenever

All bets are off

No regrets today

Care to join me in the Captain’s quarters?

The sun is out, a bit windy

When you smile that way

It’s a perfect day

for the trip of a lifetime

No regrets today


17 Apr

Why am I angry?

I ask myself

Why is everything so personal

gritty, and sharp like tiny pieces of glass

buried beneath my skin?

Why can’t people see I am just like them?

Searching for just the right combination

to open the safe which holds the gem

Angry when the numbers don’t add up

circumstances don’t cooperate with our plans

Curses! Foiled again!

Angry because I didn’t ask

to come into this world

or did I?

I can’t remember a damn thing

Angry because the familiar is becoming dim

and the world becomes strange

and myself unwelcome

Angry because what was given

will be taken away

not a thing I can do about it

Curses! Foiled again!

Bruised and swollen, engorged, tumescent,

ready to burst

Here I am! In your face!

I’m all over the place

Exhausted, spent, and angry

Is this all there is?

Angry that I am angry

disturbing my Zen

interrupting my Nirvana

like a fly in my soup

or a bug up my ass



Time isn’t real

16 Apr

Time isn’t real

I heard the Go-Go’s sing

as I gazed at a row of identical trees

their branches swaying in the wind

what they had actually sung

in the Reel World was

“Our Lips Are Sealed”

We must not speak of this to anyone

A horrible tragedy about to unfold

I don’t want to be a witness to history

“and I ran, I ran so far away

I couldn’t get away!”

like a flock of seagulls I could only

circle back upon the horrid scene

again and again and again

Time isn’t real

It is reel

We are frozen in frames

each gesture is fixed in black in white

no motion just the illusion

of life as the frames move past

too fast for us to see the

horror of what is taking place

in the basement of the elementary school

I run into the sunlight

I escape into the shopping malls

exhibiting glass sculptures in odd shapes

Time isn’t real

Our lips are sealed

I ran


Will ya’ check in on me?

15 Apr

I guess even I

need some lovin’ now and then

if it isn’t too much

i don’t ask to overturn your world

become a pest or a burden to you


will ya’ check in on me?

from time to time throughout

your crazy day

see if I’m still kicking

and maybe we could

find a nice place to

rediscover each other once again

cause’ I think I need more

than I pretend

Will ya’ check in on me?

time and again?

who needs a day off?

14 Apr

got up so late it’s almost tomorrow

and i got so much to do

i stretch and yawn

and don’t care about a thing

who needs a day off?

when i can have a day on?

where all is planned out

and i have no time to look at myself

a bleached out whale with spindly legs

puzzled at the passage of so much time

passing in an instant

who needs a day off?

the silence is deafening

the day too bright

i see too damn much

i prefer a day on


upon the narrow gauge track i travel

mountain to the left

gorge to the right

so much to do

not enough time

who needs a day off?


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