The Ghost was Laughing

6 May

the ghost was laughing and poking me in the ribs

all night long as I tossed and turned

in a strange city in the rain

with not enough money for the rent

running to the campus fearing I might be late

ten thousand dollars to get in he said with a grin

the ghost was giggling and making silly faces

as I wondered what to do what to do

too many people and here I am naked

I need to get out of bed they all say

as I search for my underwear

the ghost was dancing and singing a funky song

nothing was right but then nothing was wrong

it was something I had never encountered before

freedom is sexy and silly and it never makes any sense

am I awake? am I asleep? am I early? or late?

or does it change

with the look on the ghost’s face?

The ghost and I

Do we make it up as we go along?

The ghost and I jumping the fence

Knowing not where

Knowing not when

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