The murder that changed everything

17 Oct

I had thought it would only get better

I looked forward to growing up into a world

where anything could happen

I might live on Mars one day, I thought

but this before the murder

that changed everything

That murder told us our dreams were foolish

only violence really made sense of the world

everyone for his or her self

the ends justifies the means every time

All the smart people are conservatives

who know better than to think the world can ever

anything more than it is

Liberals became silly outcasts

which no one except other liberals took seriously

Before that murder though

Peace seemed like a genuine possibility

but sometimes my memory plays tricks

did we only have a movie star for a President

and that murder was acted out on a sound stage

in Hollywood?

some kind of sick joke played

upon the children of America?

All I know is that that murder

changed everything

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