What kind of Shazam!?

21 Oct

What kind of Algo Rhythm could set things right?

What would some sort of Hocus Pocus reveal?

What kind of Shazam!?

Can turn a boy into a man?

It used to be that the truth was the truth

but now there is a spin and a spit and a polish

to every shoe that drops

and besides…

Lies are so much more entertaining

unless they are about you

What kind of Uber Soft Sock Socket could reassure?

What Airbnb could find some room for someone

such as you, all tangled up in your choice

Is there a code, a sign, a fine you could pay

To get the tweets to fall silent

What kind of Shazam!?

could usher in a new world?

so we could leave this crummy old place

for which we long ago lost the keys

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