Be careful with your words

7 Nov

Be careful with your words

when you text your friends

be careful they don’t become enemies

on the twist and turn of a few letters

lies the fate of nations

Because you see (or perhaps you don’t, therein lies the problem)

words shape the world we live in

they can literally lay out the map

and guide us to places we would rather not go

words have weight

words have heat

words can lead you to the light

or leave you in the dark

Be careful what shit you say and write

because shit should remain unspoken and unwritten

just let it sink into the soil where it can do some good

You know some people think words should be illegal

but if words were a crime then only criminals would use them

you know, like on the evening news and the internet

those criminals never are at a loss for words

they steal them and sell them back to us for an exorbitant price

when we all should agree that words should be free

so in conclusion I just want to say

that a look at what words are doing to you

and choose to use words that work things out

because all those other words we can do without


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