Interesting note regarding an earlier poem

7 Nov

Every time I have a strange synchronicity I make a note of it here. Not long ago I wrote a poem entitled ‘Lighthouse for the blind’, the title and the idea for the poem just came to me one morning from out of nowhere, or am I just blind to it’s source? Anyhow, tonight I finished watching Anchorman 2, a very silly movie, but one that had a very funny scene in which Ron Burgundy has been blinded by a fall on the ice and is living alone in a lighthouse. He is asked by his old news team why he is living in a lighthouse and he says it is because he is blind. That is his answer to every question they logically ask, Because I’m blind!!! He drinks ketchup thinking it is wine because he is blind etc. even though his other senses (logically) should have told him it was ketchup. He blamed everything on his blindness. For Ron Burgundy it should be self-evident why he lives in a lighthouse. For the same reason as anything else in his life since his accident, Because he is blind! There is a message for me here somewhere, that I am blaming everything on one central issue which really has nothing to do with why I do what I do, it is only my excuse. Maybe or maybe not. Maybe it is just an odd coincidence that I watch a movie with a lighthouse for the blind soon after writing a poem about a lighthouse for the blind. I just hope that unlike Ron Burgundy, I don’t end up kissing a shark. Of course he gets saved by his dog (or god backwards, get it?). Enough for now. I do think synchronicity is a way in which our subconscious speaks to us, or maybe it is either less or more than that.

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