To B or not to b

14 Nov

Blame my brain if wrote this b


but there is always a but

a beautiful butt building up

and blowing me below the belt

bawdy baristas and busty ballerinas

bouncing booty up and down the block

what is a baby boomer to do?

to B or not to b

is it better to beep, bonk, or bark?

if we wish to beat the bears to the honey beets

and have each other’s backs, back to back

and believe in each other till we’re black and blue

then the Beatles will be in the belfry

and the boy will break out of his bubble

we will bend over gladly, blow our horn, and bang our box

it’s really none of your beeswax

I’ve burned my bridges

no more b to be

so this b can now just bust a move

and be born to be wild

on another blustery blue sky day



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