Good Evening Ladies and Germs

19 Nov

Good evening ladies and germs

I had hoped there might be a way

you could both get along

but nobody likes germs

no even the kind that help fight

off other those other germs

the ones that were not invited

actually they managed to sneak in

with a phony i.d.

ladies want to be ladies

clean and pristine

and so all the ladies are in a group

glaring at the germs

asking who invited these bugs

to this civilized world?

but the germs were here

before we were

in fact

germs have had a lot to do

with how life came about

on this desolate sphere

but no matter how logical I am

I still get the ladies and germs

to dance

the ladies are indignant

and the germs feel dirty and unwanted

and wish they could stay invisible



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