23 Nov

Outside the bunkers

with their reinforced concrete

and submachine gun nests

Outside the skeletal towers

where the sniper waits

Outside the padlocked gates

the voiceless huddle in their hovels

and the angriest ones make plans

to blow up the wretched ruins again

until ruins are made of ruins

and the dead are deader still

Outside the manicured lawns

where the neglected statues of

past heroes fade into pigeon droppings

Outside the casinos

Outside the Starbucks

Outside the park with the foodie trucks

Lies a living garbage

tossed out thoughtlessly

for the sake of a humongous profit

They may not be meek

but they will inherit nevertheless

all of the Earth which lies outside

While the lies inside

do their nasty work and

the outside becomes the inside

and the high becomes the low

and the bombs fall upon the

rich and the poor

the educated and the ignorant



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