The Deca Dance

29 Nov

Have you ever seen the movie Hud?

about a cowboy who only thought of himself?

My brother loved that movie and at first

I thought maybe he just liked this cock sure character

and how he seemed to have all the women he wanted

but I think he liked the way the movie depicted

how the time of when character mattered had passed

leaving the Hud’s of the world to make the best

of the Deca Dance

The Celebration of the Self Unchained by

pesky annoyances like morality and compassion

I think he recognized how the movie captured

the exact moment when Atlas Shrugged

and now, with my Eyes Wide Shut

I can feel the Deca Dance continue to guide

the Hip Hop steps of the urban cowboy of today

No desire denied until the water upon which we depend

becomes fetid and grotesque with a desperate disappointment

and too much is never enough and any color you choose

always becomes the new black

Maybe it began with Rhett Butler’s not giving a Damn

leading to Hud Brannen’s not giving a tinker’s damn

about anything really

and so with Eyes Wide Shut we step backward

into the ever descending Deca Dance

searching for that mask we drunkenly left somewhere

so very long ago

in a black and white movie whose name

we cannot recall


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