Depravity and Dignity

2 Dec

Just look at how he holds himself

she says admiringly

Just look at how he holds himself

she says disgustedly

Dignity, the pride before the fall

your picture on the cover of the magazines

your statue in the park

everyone remarks about how poised, how perfect

until the truth comes out

Depravity, the shame after the fall

of course it had been there in the shadows all along

considered one of the perks of the powerful

but one too many sunny days

always leads to rain

too much pleasure always leads to pain

just enough and you are the life of the party

too much and you are never invited again

your statue is pulled down by a cheering mob

and your name becomes a punch line

I guess the moral here is to find your own way

without depending upon the opinion of others

they may seem to love you and respect you

but all along they are searching for that skeleton

you have tucked away somewhere

Because everyone knows that no one is as dignified

as they pretend

We all are ashamed of something

and feel better when we can pull down the trousers

of those we profess to admire


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