Old city high upon the cliffside

9 Dec

Old city high upon the cliffside

what can you teach me?

I have journeyed through your vacant alleys

and climbed high upon your ramparts

and gazed upon the ancient cathedral

perched upon another cliffside

across the river which appeared like a ribbon

dangerously far below

the sky looked as though it had been in a fight

and suffered an especially ugly bruise

and I could feel the pinpricks of a light drizzle upon my cheeks

it felt oddly wonderful

as if a sprite, just a point of light,  were poking me with her tiny wand

but still I slept

deep into the hidden horror

which I could never see nor comprehend

only the empty city

high upon a cliff

and another city across the way

and the silence

held me close like a thick blanket

of a blessed forgetfulness

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