Rainy day people

11 Dec

Isn’t it comical how

people seem to think a piece of cloth

held over their head

can keep them dry on a day like this?

Sometimes nature has it’s way with us

and all we can do is try to enjoy it

Rainy day people stick it out no matter what

no little bit of water is going to keep them home

They have people to see and places to go

The wind blows back their umbrella into their face

and they just continue to check their mail

You gotta hand it to ‘um


I don’t guess you gotta

but if you don’t

those rainy day people will grab it right out of your hand

without so much as a “Howdy do”

because rainy day people don’t let no mess

Get in the way of their happiness

See them with their face scrunched up

laughing wildly at the wind that

destroys their precious parade once again

you just gotta hand it to ‘um


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