Lily Street and the Pelvis Parade

22 Dec

They are repaving Lily Street

in preparation for the annual Pelvis Parade

pounding and pounding deeper inside

as I lay as still as a corpse

waiting and listening for the breakage

straight on through to the milky stuff inside

but it is best not to gild the lily I am told

just the facts of the jerks and the waterworks

is all you need to know about the weeks

it took to reach this climax of

the snap and pop of the bony poke

and the sticky floats beyond the velvet rope

so yes they are repaving Lily Street

they need to fill the holes with dung

to protect from nasty weather

slip on the latex gloves

the Pelvis Parade is about to begin

pound and grind and slam and groan

crack that whip and break those bones

till the juice runs down your leg


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