but it came out like this

27 Dec

O winkee dee do wheedlee do wheedlee do

I got a poem to write and I got nothin’

just a bag full of marbles and rocks in my head

I had a little pet turtle once but now it’s dead

O whodle O pip O poodle don blip

De cheedie kerwhaddle de lip

(this is how old men talk and it creeps out the kids)

but whatever…I wanted to write poem this morning

but it came out like this

I remember this old guy that had a talk show of sorts

He was on late night tv back when I was a kid

He would interview guys who claimed to have had sex

with aliens

and women with noses they use as coathangers

and some people that said our drinking water

was slowly killing us

I didn’t know for the longest time that this guy

was sitting in a wheelchair the whole time

smirking at the crazy mixed up world that had

treated him so unkind

So percrackle and jack, pookipsie and jill

I’ll write a bit more

When I have some time to kill

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