The Tale of the Lonely Leech

29 Dec

There was once a lonely little leech

who couldn’t help himself

he’d suck and suck and always wanted

to suck some more

But the dogs and hogs and even the logs

needed their blood

(I realize logs have no blood, but stay with me…..)

Finally one day when the little leech had gorged himself

too much for this author

He had to pull the leech off and toss him

Upon the cold, hard streets of a city far away

Hoping that the leech would find other hosts

and leave him be

But the holidays arrived and just like all leeches

He had nowhere to go, no one to suck

and so he put on his happiest face and typed out a

sweet little text that anyone would love to read

not at all the sort of thing a leech would write

hoping that maybe he could trick someone

into giving him their life’s blood

Poor little leech

(not really, I actually have no pity for these

disgusting little creatures)

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