1 Jan

and so here it is

the future has arrived

I had thought it would be different

I had thought I would shed my old skin

There would be peace

and harmony

we would ride on monorails

and have funny names

the past however does not disappear

in a puff

it slowly rusts and develops holes

and as always the poor

struggle to survive

while the rich rejoice in their silly pursuits


has arrived overdue

it felt like 2014 would continue it’s tedious plod


so we make our resolutions

this time it will be different

this time I will avoid all the mistakes

of 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

but I am still living in 1968

when everything went cock eyed

and in my youthful fervor I thought

I can make things better

In the future we will no longer have terror

Just one big love in

and no secrets lurking in the dark

to destroy our dreams yet again


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