all bundeled up, all snuggled in

3 Jan

all bundeled up

like a baby kangaroo in his mother’s pouch

deep in that warm embrace

where all is right with my world

all snuggled in

layer upon layer of a soft cotton blend

deeper and deeper within

back to the earliest time

safe in my crib

on cold winter days I could feel the chill

against my face

and cried out for my mother

even then I was fascinated by

all the products of my imagination

which floated by

some cute, some curious, some frightening

but I was all right in my tiny little world

I never wanted to escape it

but this morning I leap from that warm soft place

like stripping a band aid from off a healed wound

sudden and sharp

but now I am ready for adulthood

leaving the bundled up, snuggled in life

behind (at least until I go back to bed tonight)

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