Every picture tells a story doughnut?

5 Jan

Every picture tells a story doughnut?

Sung over and over and over again

Rocking out to the same old chords

There’s a hole in the middle of it all

Into which we inevitably fall

popping out again as a sweet young tart

Every lyric gets heard a little different, don’t it?

Sometimes you can see more clearly

If you squint

Out there on the highway, looking for a venture

a prosperous new start for a funny butt when I’m

near you, I feel silly and whole within that hole

People say I tend my garden well

They say I am the best hoe-er in the county

and that’s a hole in one for sure!

the other day I saw a woman buy a dozen

of them doughnut wholes, or holes?

What’s the difference how something is heard

But you still better not go out tonight

For there is a bathroom on the right

Once in the rabbit hole nothing is the same

Silly becomes serious and serious is made to look silly

Every picture tells a story, doughnut?

Yes Rod, they do, I’ll take a dozen holes too.

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