Je Suis Charlie

15 Jan

somebody oughta bust that guy up

did ya see what he wrote on his frickin wall

for all his relatives to see

Je Suis Charlie Hebdo

somebody’s got it in for me

somebody I haven’t even seen

’cause I made fun of his mother

whom I have never met

Je Suis Idiot, Je Suis Creep

Je Suis a no good ton of lard

I don’t give no moment of lucid hesitation

I just do it, and let the cow pies fly where they may

Je Suis cow pie, I drop right down when that moment comes

and then I stick up the whole darn stockyard

with my dirty filthy observations

about your stupid ideas

your stupid friends

your stupid everything about your stupid

fat face

Je Suis Nazi

Je Suis Jew

I am the ugly mug looking back at you

each morning and knowing

this day will suck as much as the last one

I punch, you punch

we all get punch drunk

till we see je suis

and so are you

all black and blue




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