who are you looking at, punk?

15 Jan

who are you looking at, punk?

think you got enough shaving cream?

maybe you should save some for later

spread some on your pecan pie

who do you think I’m talking to, punk?

do you see anybody else in this filthy hole of a

bathroom in a dingy dump of an apartment?

so you carefully shave all around your nose and mouth

so as to impress all the ladies

who do you think you’re kidding, punk?

if you had any sense you would grow a mustache and beard

because your face is a wreck, it’s just plain hopeless

you should just stay inside and sign up for Meals on Wheels

because there ain’t nothing happening for you

You hear me, punk? Stop walking away.

No more mirror, no more taunting

from the bully inside my head

I just might make it through another stupid day

and if somebody notices I’ll say

What ‘cha looking at punk?

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