this House of Dreams

19 Jan

This morning I was lingering

I was begging for

just a little more time

within this dark and weary

house of plays

house of hidden desires

house of dreams

I crept up the stairs

despite the warnings I

made it to the loft

and there upon the bed prone


a former friend

whom I never wished to hear again

“is he sleeping?” I ask

and then

following me so far from safety

away from this house of ill repute

he said,

I must go with him to the pit

of the unforgiven shit

great mounds of earth all about us

and he and another whom I had never met

spoke in riddles about some kind of


if only I would be his friend again

I had to get away from this place

of close fitting darkness filled with regrets

and make it back to this house

he had so hated, and I had so loved

this house of lust

this house of jest

this house of women with dark eyes


this house of intoxication

and dreams

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