12 Feb

Uncle Buck called me


Rusty had a perfectly round head

and eyes so deep and dark and brown

staring solemnly into something

only Rusty could see

rarely smiling

Rusty took the world very seriously

Uncle Buck spoke with Rusty earnestly

as if Rusty were not five years old

he knew Rusty never played

instead Rusty made delicate observations

and explored this strange new place

into which Rusty had been born

Rusty’s Mother kept Rusty neat as a pin

each hair in place, the clothes perfectly clean

and Rusty feared the dirt, the fire, the water, and the wind

for they tore viciously into all of Rusty’s careful world

leaving it all mixed up and Rusty would never be able

to make sense of it again

but maybe if Rusty started walking

investigating, exploring

maybe with Uncle Buck’s help

maybe with Peanut barking

when Rusty had walked too far

Rusty could find out what Rusty was for

But Uncle Buck and Peanut have long since died

and Rusty has to make it through this world

not of his making

in the dirt, the wind, the water and the fire

without any dependable guide

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