13 Feb


When I used to live smack dab in the middle

of a hungry country, never satisfied with just

a dozen of anything, always craving just one more


reasons to pop out of my skin and begin again

Back in those days I was so terrifyingly thin

and I moved like a flash down the main drag

Highway 13 cut a path through our little town

You had to take 13 to get downtown

to get to school, or take a Sunday drive


reasons to go somewhere, anywhere

where the grass isn’t going brown

from this unforgiving sunlight smack dab

in the middle of a unhappy nation

where you can take a dozen of this and a

dozen of another, but it just ain’t enough no how


reasons to pop our of your skin and begin again

with my thumb raised high, catching a ride

down 13 outta town

where something else lies waiting

like a fresh clean gulp of water

straight out of the Earth

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