on the level

19 Feb

so here it is, on the level

but i am inclined to flat out lie at times

so you may decline to accept

what i have to say at face value

only in a perfect mathematical equation

could you expect a flawless report

all evened out with no odd events

in the real world there is no level

only bumps and potholes

sudden dips and gentle rises

you may be so inclined as to dream

or decline to believe anything

so if you ask me if this guy is on the level

well no i’d say

this guy appears as a collection of dots by day

and a massive tsunami by night

how can anyone ever be pinned down? you ask

if they are always all over the whole darn place?

good question, i reply

allow me to misspeak, i may even conflate

but as best as any guy can do

here it is, on the level

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