Je Suis Le Fool

21 Feb

Tarot_FoolHigh upon the cliff

where the air is crisp and thin

Je Suis Le Fool

oblivious to all but

his own inner jest

about to take just one more step

into eternity

not a care in the world

he always lands on his feet

although many a time it looked perilous

Je Suis Le Fool

invited into palaces where

Angels fear to tread

Dancing upon the head of a pin

Laughing in the face of adversity

Je Suis Le Fool

In love with love he hears the

throbbing heart of paradise

with a million different drummers

beating out a new way to live

Je Suis Le Fool

to be is to be

although that first step

is a doozie, and

you may feel a bit woozie

but smile and laugh

do not hesitate


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