“I’d like to talk”

1 Mar

Just a skinny pimply faced puppy

gazing up at the prettiest girl he’d ever seen

he tried not to let his tongue hang out this time

she might screw up her face again and say “Eww”

“That’s just gross.”

He knew she was in love with the football star

He’d seen her gaze into space, her eyes filled with longing

“maybe if I were an astronaut” he chuckled

to himself

She had been sitting alone in the student union

and as he approached he could feel his tail wagging

helplessly drawing attention to his pointless quest

for this lovely woman’s love

“I’d like to talk” he heard himself say

as if he and her were in some kind of movie

and he didn’t really want to talk at all

but these were his lines in the script

She didn’t look at him, but clutched her books tightly

to her chest and sighed. “I don’t think so…what’s the point?

“there is nothing to talk about…you are just a pimply little puppy

the whole idea is insane.”

Actually she didn’t say that at all.

She just looked at him once with those bright blue eyes

smiled slightly, and he could hardly heard her voice as

she slightly touched his paw, and said “No.”

Then as quick as quick can be she was gone

Just another heartbreaking dream

there have been so many

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