BlAme it all on the MOon

5 Mar

The NigHt is sOlid BlaCk with an aTTiTude

that can cuT right thrOugh my deFenses

I lOok to the fUllness of refleCted glOry

and blAme it all on the MOon.

The sUllen WaVes cRash over the feNce

and pOur onTo the stReeT

wHere a cUriOus cRoWd had gAthEred

I aSk the wOrlD to take mE in

fOr I am nOt afRaid

Let mE riDe, and aS I cRy out.

I bLaMe it aLL on tHe MOon

WhiCh hAs GiVen me tHis pOweR

aNd tHis dEliCious reCkleSSness

tHis chAnCe tO peeR iNtO the DaRkneSs

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