If I ask somebody

6 Mar

Just a jumble of words

scattered across a screen

Do I know what they mean?

Do I even care if I am making contact?

If I ask somebody

they might say that they didn’t get it

or they might suspect it was about them

of course nobody wants to hurt anyone’s feelings

but then everybody loves to be a critic

Just a poem without purpose

maybe you like it maybe you don’t

my words become more jumbled

the more I try to express what’s inside

a mess in need of a compassionate housekeeper

and all I get is

If I ask somebody

they rarely have the time to talk

they always want to text

btr lck nxt tme lol c ya!

but if you ask me (and of course you didn’t)

that text is a lot worse than my

jumble of words strung together

without purpose

just a brain trying to spit out a few

more wrds


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