“You may already be a Wiener!”

9 Mar

The words upon the postcard stood out clearly

all in 50pt bright red bold

“You may already be a Wiener!”

“It’s too late to change your ways”

“everybody saw what you did, thinking”

“nobody would ever know, it’s”

“no big thing, just a little thing”

“hardly even worth a single mention”

“BUT!!!” was then spelled out in even larger type

and I had to respond to the mailer to find out

“but what?”

I wondered, nervously

“What had I done to become a Wiener?”

“was it just a consequence of growing out of

my short little pants?”

I thought for a minute, then tossed the card away

“After all,” I thought “it’s just what a Wiener should do”

“when called upon the carpet for his

wienerish ways.

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