14 Mar

i’ve been told by people with loud voices

bellowing out in a crowded room

that i don’t know butkus

and i should just shut up

i think i might have known some butkus

while in college, i remember taking a lot of notes

about things which make absolutely no difference

in this world

but don’t take my word for it, because, as i’ve been told

i don’t know butkus

i think there might have been a football player named Butkis

so maybe, at least, he knows butkis

but butkus always seems to involve authorities of one sort or another

people with lots of capital letters after their name

these people really know their butkus

with statistics to back it all up

some people who don’t know butkus just laugh

and shrug it off, take Mark Twain for instance

or Will Rogers out there waiting for a train

oh, wait…..that was Jimmie Rodgers wasn’t it?

you see

I don’t know butkus

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