Dreamlog 04:05:23 03:17:2015

17 Mar

They had discovered panels

which when viewed from the air

formed a maze

and so a recon team was sent

to investigate

none returned alive

It was my job to explain what happened

It was my job to make sense of this

These panels had many figures carved in relief

and inscriptions of some sort as well

These very tall and thin very human like figures

were holding their hands together before their chests

palms up, so as to form a cup

It was hard to tell but other figures seemed to be dancing

either in ecstasy or unbearable pain

In this I had hoped to find the beginning of an explanation

as to what wiped out this recon team

because I could find nothing else

all other record had been wiped clean

Dreamlog 04:05:23 03:17:2015

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