High atop the Watchtower

22 Mar

Boy it sure is windy up here!

High atop the Watchtower

and the Angels never say too much

and I try not to disturb their gaze

their eyes disturb me in my dreams at night

what do they see out there upon the edges

of the World? and just how long until we all

Wake Up!!!

High atop the Watchtower is a lonely place

nothing upon which to distract my soul

nothing to allow me to forget who I am

not even for a heartbeat

The Angels are not interested in explanations or excuses

or any kind of philosophical speculations

at least it seems that way to me in that

I could talk all day and night and they

would only seem a bit annoyed and tell me to

imagine myself as a pool of water

in which each word I utter is like a pebble

one or two may fascinate but if there too many

you shall break up into competing patterns

which could easily drive you insane

High atop the Watchtower

any movements become amplified

and so it is better to be very still

very aware, and confident within that stillness

(Darn! there went another pebble!)

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