In search of the Comfort Club

28 Mar

I sat in the hot sun

all of my belongings sitting in a van

along with the belongings of other

lost men

in a parking lot in a dream induced city

somewhere where we could all make

a new start

in search of the Comfort Club

if only the edges of this life could be a

little less sharp

the light a little less bright

and as I pondered upon this thought

the van sped off down that boundless street

filled with all the stuff we had gathered

in case we needed it later

lost now

blessedly lost, like a new born baby, lost

in search of the Comfort Club

a warm place filled with a soft light

sitting at an old oak table with a select few

where kindness is offered instead of advice

and we are accepted without question

surrounded by a deep brown of an ancient


which has built up over time until

impregnable and eternal

a tall blond woman in a long brown gown

took my worn brown notebook and my worn brown pen

guiding me in

to The Comfort Club

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