What is this place?

29 Mar

What is this place where the air is still?

and the light is bright but doesn’t seem

to emanate from any particular place?

and people go about their business silently

and naked

As if all that had been hidden is revealed

and everyone acts as if nothing is happening

What is this place? Where is it? What am I doing there?

In a hurry, it seems, but I never get to that other place

the one everyone in this place wish they could be

Leaving us all just yearning but trying not to let it show

that we have no clothes at all and

all our scars are there in clear bright light of

What is this place?

Just what are we all doing here?

What would happen if I touched your face

and stole a kiss? in this strange emotionless place?

Would we awake to our nakedness and ask

for directions to paradise?

Would we, in our polite but naked manner

steal a glance and feel the heat of

something we promised ourselves to forget?

What is this place? and do I have the courage

or the desire to do what is not allowed

and say those forbidden words

We are lost and naked and we don’t where or why or when

What is this place?

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