“You haven’t a leg to stand on!”

9 May

Harsh hues of shame and violence

in a sweaty, half darkened room

a desperate orange

an anxious amber

a deadly red

and an uncomprehending black

I stood and tried not to watch

as men were given to this hound of hell

shackled and straining, it’s eyes burning

I tried to leave and the hound caught me

in it’s pitiless gaze and we stared into

the uncompromising abyss

with outstretched hand pointing

I called upon my own eternal nature

and commanded the beast to submit

and this horror became a frightened dog

whimpering for mercy

and then the lightning hit

“You haven’t a leg to stand on!”

the dark haired, dark eyed, man proclaimed

his voice muffled by a thick and filthy bandage

across his mouth

and then the Charley Horse did his little dance

and such pain as I never knew

stole away my confidence, leaving me weak at the knees

It was then, I spotted her across the room

her skin was like the Moon

pale and despairing, she stole a glance at me

and all the pain slowly subsided

“You haven’t a leg to stand on!” he repeated

but we both knew the dark plans had been defeated

and he handed me an antiquated cheque

for how much I know not

for it was then that I woke up

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