who are these people, where is this place?

10 May

I’ve had vivid dreams lately

with many visitors who

have things they wish to tell me

“tell me about some writers that you really hate.”

“you know, writers that make you so mad,

you want to throw the book across the room.”

he said, sitting there in torn jeans and a tank top

he had been in prison and learned to write while there

I loved his work, or at least, that is what I told him

who are these people?

He would get aggravated and I thought a couple of times

he might even punch me.

“this is a dream, dummy! How could I punch you in your own dream?”

but I knew that he could

whoever he was

where is this place? that seemed as real

as real can ever be

maybe he was trying to tell me not to be so damn cautious

prison ain’t so bad, and you might even get some serious writing done

don’t be afraid of being bad, of pissing people off

but who is this guy? and why take his advice?

and where is this place where the light is always too bright?

i just want to get a good night’s sleep

i don’t want to fight

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