early morning playground

18 May

Monday mornings I lie and listen

to the kids in the playground across the way

they are so full of life they scream out

as if to say “Here I Am!! Here I Am!! Lookit! Here I Am!!”

their bodies bounce up and down and left to right

and their hands are in their mouth

they must move!!! they must taste!!! they must make haste!!!

Monday mornings I lie and think to myself

I remember well that playground long ago

and the big ole ditch where the asphalt ended

my imagination made it as vast as the Grand Canyon

I remember how full of wonder the world was then

so much to explore and discover with my super power

my life stretched out forever and ever

Now I wonder where all that time went

seems I never really thought about it until

suddenly I am no longer that kid

Monday mornings I get up and get dressed

like every other morning since I was six

I can still feel that spark that moves my body

until sometimes I can barely contain myself

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