Always Moving

29 May

I am always moving

Even when still

Because the Earth is spinning madly

As if thrown by an eager child

On her birthday long ago

And we ride this rocket around this massive ball of fire

But the rocket is so huge and we are so very tiny

It doesn’t seem like a crazy spinning tumbling trip at all

And that Sun up in the sky so serene at times

Is bursting apart at the seams

devouring itself with tongues of flame reaching

but not touching this fragile marble we call home

Always moving, reaching, grabbing, running, stretching out it’s hands

all we see about us is moving

the stars are not set

the horizon is pushing outward at an incredible speed

and what lies ahead has never ever been

until now

Always moving into what cannot by rational definition

even exist

That little girl so long ago

never imagined she could throw that hard

over the treetops, over the houses

out into the sky and beyond the stars

Always moving

Just when you think you have reached the end

there is always more

so much more

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