The Devil’s New Restaurant

1 Jun

She served several floors of ravenous people

with waffles stacked with blueberries, strawberries, and bananas

whipped cream and it still isn’t sweet enough

for the Devil’s new restaurant

Fried chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy and giblets

Corn on the cob and wherever else they could get corn

Soul food for those who sold theirs long ago

Peach cobbler and, naturally, a great big slice of

Devil’s Food Cake

Even when it’s bad it’s good, they thought

If this is Hell then Hell! I’ll take it!!

But when it is this good it is bound to be

Very Bad Indeed

For there are no ways to feed a hungry ghost

Just as they held the warm, steamy morsel to their anxious mouth

Nothing could be tasted, for

They had no nose with which to smell, no mouth, no stomach

just plenty of Hell to go around

Not a great place to eat, but a lovely place to drool

over what might have been if they hadn’t been so greedy

That’s her review of this damn-blasted place

The Devil’s new swanky restaurant

She wishes she could quit

She wishes for a lot of things

For wishes are all she can find on this menu

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