OopSie DaiSy

12 Jun

OopSie DaiSy

YouR’e DriVinG Me CraZy

WiTh All YoUr JuMpiN An BuMpiN An

RuNniN AroUnD

TaLkiN BoUt ThiNgS ThAt YoU DoN’t KnOw


TiPsY WiPsY LuCy LoO

I JuSt DoN’t KnOw WhAt To dO WiTh YoU

sLiPpiN An’ sLiDiN aLL OveR ToWn

WiTh YouR DreSs ToO HiGh

aN’ yOur WiG tOo TiGht

sQuiRmiN’ and TwiStin

wiTh YoUr LeGs a’PuMpiN

aN’ YoUr ArMs sPiNniNg RoUnd

WiTh YoUr eYes aLL BuGgin

aN’ yOuR ToNgUe HaNgiN oUt

OopSie DaiSy

YoUr’E DriViN mE CraZy

tHis DaNcE iS MaKin mE DiZzy

tHis PoEm iS Makin mE SiCk

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