Poetic Justice

14 Jun

I can see them out there with their hand-painted signs

all the letters forming words but not verse

the verse had been confined and held in chains

the signs all read “Have mercy upon the imagination!

Free Verse! Free Verse! Whatever Words that can Do the Job,

Whatever Words that will Work!”

But the literary judge remained unmoved by such passion

“Each poem must have a rhythm and a rhyme

or else it is a crime each and every time!

What is to become of poetry if it becomes just any

random arrangement that suits the mood.

How can one hope to embrace the Muse?

How can one even meet her?

without the proper placement of words?

without the appropriate meter?”

“But, perhaps if we were to dispense with the poe entirely?”

asked the unconcerned party passing by

“Let the musings of the poet be without merit

let it be like the croaking of a frog

or the honking of a goose

or the coo.. “All right I get your point or the lack of it,” said the judge

Let the words fall where they may

without the strict rules of poesy

Make your noises. blow your noses

and let your verse be free!”

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