a hot cup of coffee

17 Jun

There are mornings when the mornings

just point out how rough the night has been

other mornings when I am so very glad to be alive

mornings when I am ready and willing

mornings when I am forlorn

but one thing that I have found out almost always to be true

there are very few things that

a hot cup of coffee

cannot cure

it’s my restart button

clearing away all the nocturnal clutter

that I bust my brain trying to understand

a hot cup of coffee

is my own little ghostbuster

a hot cup of coffee is like a brand new pair of shoes

pardon my pause

I just had to take another sip of that hot elixir

and feel that heat make it’s way from

the hair on my head to the tips of my toes

nothin’ like this to cure my woes

I know that it is not a good idea to become addicted

and I will entertain that idea late tonight

because mornings are raw and real and sober

it takes a nice hot cup of coffee

to soften that unforgiving edge

of the morning

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