a bee’s wax conversation

26 Jun

hey I got lots and lots and lots of bee’s wax

and I got more stashed in a storage locker

stacks and stacks and stacks of bee’s wax

I got bee’s wax hats, and a bee’s wax mustache

I even got bee’s wax people walking on bee’s wax streets

I got more bee’s wax than anybody’s ever seen

listenin’ to you got me peekin’ through cracks

and walkin’ at an angle

never did like bees, didn’t like ‘um then, don’t like ‘um now

I ain’t talking about bees, I’m talkin’ bout their wax

stop confusin’ my mind, and stick to the facts

bee’s wax is silly, bee’s wax is dumb

listenin’ to you ain’t no fun anymore

I got too much milk in my shoe, and I’m tearing down my trousers

you better watch it with all that bee’s wax now

even the potatoes have eyes you know

Yeah, well even so

what do you care?

It ain’t none of your bee’s wax

Yeah?? well, it ain’t yours either, Henry

they belong to the bees

never did like bees

didn’t like them then, and I don’t like them now

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