Poplar Bluff

14 Jul

My Dad looked impossibly young and tanned

all dressed up in his riding gear

reaching back to show me how to strap myself in

I got to ride up high in the rumble seat

next to two young dark haired giggly beauties

asking “Where we heading this time, Mr. Miller?”

“Well, I hear Poplar Bluff is pretty poplar this time of year!”

and we all groaned, as my Dad chuckled, “here we go!”

zipping down the asphalt in a Deluxe Ultra Turbo Glide

silver and black convertible with whitewalls

this car frightened other cars clean off the road

being as heavy and formidable as a tank

my guess we could do maybe five miles to a gallon

but our tank held fifty, and gas was cheap back then

“they say you can see four different states from atop that bluff.”

said Daddy, “can any of you kids name “um?”

“Illinois, Arkansas, and Tennessee”

“and don’t forget Kentucky!” Dad chuckled.

“Yep. I hear it’s pretty poplar in Poplar Bluff these days!”

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