it’s a hot day

27 Jul

it’s a hot day

and all the bony maronies have come

out to play

it’s a hot hot day

the fishies swim upstream in search

of someplace cool

hip and swinging

like the hotties down on the pier

rocking and rolling with the crashing waves

something cool to do

on a hot hot, unusually hot day

crab cakes and lemonade

floppies and jalapeno popcorn

roasting pig parts on a spit

dug in the sand upon a crowded beach

it’s a hot hot hot day

even the sharks need something to block

all these unforgivable rays

because sunshine can be fatal

on a hot hot hot, miserably hot day

you can feel the butter as it melts

upon this parched and toasted landscape

if only we could dive deeply into

a wet cool cave

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