upon the prilly pond

11 Nov

all day long we prance and sing

upon the prilly pond

at this time we are so gay

of this day we are so fond

with any luck we’ll see the girlies

dancing with the boys

and the frogs will catch the flies

so we won’t have to bother

upon the prilly pond

every kind of creature

and every sort of person

will gather

speaking of silly things and what not

what we should and wouldn’t we rather

until the songs soon reach a fever pitch

upon the prilly pond

and we sweat with joy as we strain to hitch

our wagons upon a star

and all was clever

and all was clean

and all was better than it had ever been

upon the prilly pond, my friend

upon the prilly pond

that delightful little bowl of a pleasure insane

upon the prilly pond

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