the full election

3 Dec

maybe if i had a sparkling confection

twenty miles wide

in the middle of the Mohave

or maybe an eighty foot erection

smack dab in the middle of Park Avenue

who says it’s not polite to point?

she noticed me didn’t she?

maybe she will give me all of her vote

because what i need is the full election

the complete selection

i’ve gotten much much too big for my britches

i have to get down on my knees

just to breathe

i got my panties in a bundle

over which i’m bound to stumble

unless i can win this thing outright

there will be no sweet delights

just a cold wind blowing up my butt

i ‘m left with forty thousands acres

and no mule

only a full election

can patch up this connection

vote for me please

before my sneeze

leaves me splat all over Manhattan



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