Mountain Girl

13 Dec

Mountain Girl got grit in her teeth

she don’t take no guff from the rough

she don’t listen to the wind

she gets sick of all these armchair quarterbacks

telling her what she ought to do

she told me once that half the male population

belongs in a stinkin’ zoo

To get to Mountain Girl ain’t easy

switchbacks on your hands and knees

and she won’t be glad to see you either

she’s not the sort of woman

who aims to please

But Mountain Girl haunts my dreams

in her old blue jeans and ragged hair

she’s weird and wild and she helped me once

when I had given up on life and just didn’t care

don’t let anybody get you down she said

live your life on your terms and your terms only

then she told me she wanted to be alone

and could I kindly get the hell out of there

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