to be a man

20 Dec

“what does it take to be a man” the seashell whispered

she was almost buried among all the juicy fruits

scattered catywampus upon the shore

“one must have a steady hand, and a fair steed.”

“one must not be afraid to bleed.”

“one must stand tall above the rumpus.”

“one must not tolerate impertinence.”

“one must…” but here the shell was cut short

for the boy could not stand to hear one syllable more

“to be a man one must grow.”

“to be a man one must never profess to know.”

“but leave the world open so that it may breath.”

“old soldiers and such tend to bore me.” the boy confessed

“too much tomato juice and tobacco I suspect”

and then he pondered upon the strange but juicy fruit

that lay at his feet

“catywampus?” he thought and smiled

“what a wonderful way to lay upon a beach.”


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